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Market Access


If you have a new product or service that is targeted at the NHS, it can be daunting to figure out where to start or what to do next.

At Midnight, we can help across a range of market access avenues. This includes market evaluation and research, KOL development and interaction with governing bodies and programme developers. 



Perhaps you are an innovator with great technical experience but find commercialisation daunting? An SME without the budget for full-time support staff? Or an individual without enough time in the day?

At Midnight, we can assist you on developing your sales and marketing strategy. This includes developing the tools and tactics to put these strategies into action, to help make your commercial efforts successful.

Clinical Data

As the NHS consists of public entities, there is an abundance of information available in the public domain. However, there are multiple data sources and routes to find vital information. Condensing it into sizeable data which is useful, can be both daunting and time consuming.


At Midnight, we can carry out these searches for you, analyse the data and then consolidate the information into useful, easy to action reports.



With over 15 years of experience, bringing new and advancing products to the NHS, we are passionate about innovation and growth. Midnight Consulting can provide you with a tailor-made approach to market access, allowing you to make informed decisions.



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